What is Lorry Ipsum?

Lorem Ipsum is dummy text used by designers and typographers to generate designs and test typefaces without real content. Lorem Ipsum is traditionally a set of greek passages but recently a number of novelty custom lorem ipsum generators have been created for different industries.

You can see some examples of other Lorem Ipsum generators here.

Working for Work Truck Solutions I often need dummy text when designing or developing new features so I decided to make this generator for my coworkers and I to use. (Naming credit goes to my friend and coworker Joshua Lucero.)

You can use this page to generate different lengths of Lorry Ipsum as well as include or exclude words from specific chassis manufacturers. There's also a simple API to allow you to integrate this tool into your applications.

Generated Text

The 4WD upfitted the galvanized E-450 when the diesel ladder rack was constructed by the specialty. Once the garbage truck throttled the bumper. The mechanical garbage truck was constructed by the DuraStar 4400?

The axle deconstructed the bio-fuel van? The trailer deconstructed the upfitted 4WD. The vocational body was dumped by the tire but the mechanic fixed the durable bumper.

The wheel drove the bio-fuel lift kit. The bio-fuel, lifted 4WD developed. The ProMaster 1500 crashed the diesel trailer! The dovetail landscape manufactured the galvanized trailer. The 4WD vehicle was accelerated by the Hino. Once the empty cargo van upfitted the Nissan.

Once the service utility van throttled the contractor body. The axle fixed the heavy duty hooklift body when once the van throttled the semi. The cutaway upfitted the diesel landscape dump but the tow truck throttled the vocational chassis. Once the walk-in developed the motortruck. The HV dumped the aluminum glass body. Once the flex fuel upfitted the empty cargo van?

The stripped chassis trucked the upfitted pickup truck. The trailer deconstructed the shock-resistant Detroit. Once the tire accelerated the dump truck. The four wheel drive, upfitted dry freight throttled while the fire truck braked the durable specialty? The steel, 4x4 wrecker body dumped but the steel, 2x4 contractor body crashed. The dovetail landscape throttled the steel upfitted cargo van.


Lorry Ipsum has a simple API which you are welcome to use in your applications. It does not require an access token. Simply hit the url https://lorry-ipsum.com/generate and append your settings as a query string. The API will return a JSON object containing an array of paragraphs.

Here's an example endpoint URL using the settings you currently have selected. (You can change your selection to see how this URL changes.)


Paragraph Count

You can choose how many paragraphs of text to generate with the ParagraphCount setting. If you do not include this setting it will default to 5. Here's an example URL generating 10 paragraphs:


Accepted OEMs

You can choose which of the supported manufacturers' special words to include in the generated text with the AcceptedOEMs setting. If you do not include this parameter no OEMs will have their special words included. You can separate multiple OEMs with commas. Here's an example URL including Chevy and GMC: